In the world of advertising, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to get your business noticed. In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, companies spare no expense in trying to edge out the competition. Many NYC companies turn to print, radio, or even cable television to reach targeted consumers.


Business men and women spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year across the country trying to be seen and, more importantly, remembered. Many methods of advertising can be very expensive and ineffective. Some campaigns offer no ability to drill down deep into a more localized community. Television and radio offer many distractions and the ability to tune out or change the station.


When a local business or an upcoming event needs to be promoted how do you get that message seen? The answer is simple! It’s mobile advertising and it’s Stop and Stare Mobile Media. Mobile marketing and the out of home marketing segment is one the most effective and fastest forms of advertising that’s available today. Whether you’re looking for truck advertising, convention marketing, mobile billboards, or street advertising, our unique digital advertising options can bring you the brand recognition you’re looking for in New York! Unlike television and radio where you can change the station or channel, mobile advertising can’t be ignored. Our massive rolling trucks offer targeted, drilled-down-deep campaigns that allow you to go after market segments where your customers would most likely be.


With mobile billboard marketing, we can deliver your message not only where you want, but more importantly when you want.  With Stop and Stare Media, campaigns are executed to achieve maximize exposure. Our massive fleet of 10’ x 20’ billboard trucks can’t be ignored as they roll past your targeted communities.


A recent Institute of Advertising Study demonstrated that mobile advertising can achieve a whopping 97% recall rate. This means that everyone that sees your message will certainly remember who you are and what your message was. Surely everyone can recall laying on the beach and watching a plane whiz by towing a banner.  That’s the power of mobile advertising. We appeal to consumers on the go as they move about from one location to the next. Our targets are typically busy malls, shopping centers, tourist attractions and busy vehicle routes. We position our trucks to drive and of course stop along the business routes where you will get the largest audience. In just a one-week campaign, you can expect 250,000 to as many as 400,000 impressions. It’s also far less expensive than PPC, Geo Fencing, or Geo Targeting.


So, the next time you want to consider a marketing campaign, consider mobile advertising and Stop and Stare Mobile Media. We service local and national campaigns from coast to coast. Remember it’s Stop and Stare Mobile Media!

It’s just how we roll!  (888) ROLL MY AD

Mobile Advertising by Stop and Stare Mobile Media