What are mobile billboards used for?

Sales Events
Grand openings
Shows & Expos
Help wanted
Special Events
Product  Launches
Political Messages
Brand awareness
Sporting EventsNightlife
Seasonal promotions
Public Service
Movies & Theater’s
TV Shows Announcements
And So Much Morel

How much does it cost?

The rates for a mobile Billboard campaign vary depending on the type of campaign and length of campaign. Other factors are also day’s & times of campaigns as well as location.

Do I have to create my own banner(s)?

We can handle all of the design and artwork if needed. However if you have your own artwork we can use it to have your custom banner created.

Where will my mobile billboard(s) go?

We work with you to custom design and plan a route that will maximize the number of people who will see your ad daily.

How do I know if you are following the planned route?

Simple! Our trucks come equipped with GPS Tracking devices and we will send you photos daily showing the trucks location.

Can I just put my ad in front of my business?

Yes, in fact its’s great way to draw extra attention to your location. Typically prices are discounted up to 15% for stagnant campaigns.

How many people will see my ad?

This number depends on your plan. Location and time of day. On any give day over 250,000 to 400,000 people could easily see your ad!

Can I run a campaign at night?

Our trucks have state of the art back-lighting so they can always be seen day & night.

What happens to my ad at the end of the campaign?

We store them for you in our main office. They are always available and ready for use for future campaigns. If you decide you would like the banners we will be more than happy to deliver them to you.

Can the driver give out my promotional information?

Yes, we will give out up to 100 3*5, 4*7, or 6*9 cards (supplied by you) each day of your campaign at no additional charge. For greater distribution reach we can supply you with street distribution team as well as backpack Billboards to deliver your message.

What are the advantages of Mobile marketing?

You can take your message directly to the areas you want to draw people from… which mean there is no wasted advertising which in turns  means dollar for dollar this medium works harder and is more cost effective than most other mediums.

Stand alone advertising means you message stands out from your competitors’ unlike local paper and radio advertising, we take your message to the streets.

Billboard advertising cannot be thrown away, or switched off

Mobile billboards are always working.

Whether parked or moving

Billboard marketing ap-peals to impulse buyers which can increase your marketing share

Camaigns are flexible from I week to several months

Targeted Time Delivered Marketing campaings.

Mobile billboard Advertising Works! It Live up to its’ promise,reaches more people than another medium and offers better value for money.

Mobile billboards have 97% retention rate, to those that see you message.

Roughly 80% of consumers are out of their homes during the majority of the day traveling.

Truck advertisements resulted in an increase of sales of IO7% VS. a 54% increase in other marketing mediums.

96% of viewers say truck ads have more impact than static billboards.

Mobile billboards are eye level and eye catching; meaning people can’t help but look at your message which is the whole point of advertising.

29% say outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store within a week.