Niagara Fall Vs Water Gun Effect In Billboard Marketing

single imageImagine yourself standing on the view of the horseshoe falls. The massive water body is flowing, as it always does. You are experiencing one of the best views in the world. It has been there for centuries.
This quiet and stunning view will stay with us for years to come.

You do not know who created this scenario. None of us do.

However, it exists. You can use all the powers in the world, but you cannot stop the Niagara falls or the water body. It is just not possible.

That is the power of movement.

Now, forget about spending thousands on a leisure trip. We can go along with a water pistol. After all, it contains 200ml water, and we can both play pranks on each other. It will be fun!

Let’s go to a sandy beach, and you will get the same experience like the Niagara falls.

Is it possible?


A tiny water pistol can never equal the experience of watching the Niagara Falls.

That is an important message.

It is equally important in life as in business. You must take action and move ahead to fulfill your dreams. A standing posture cannot bring amazing results for your business brand.

Mobile Billboards Vs. Conventional Advertising

A moving billboard resembles the view of a huge waterfall. Contrary to that, static boards can be found lost in the city noise. Drivers do not watch upward to witness standing billboards.
However, their eyes are caught by a life-size moving truck that displays advertisements in front of them.

When driving near a food franchise, customers get a glimpse of the restaurant. However, if you capture your ideal prospect with a mobile billboard, the impact is enormous.

It shows you care. It provides the best ROI. You can double your profits. This scheme beats the competition as in the case of a water pistol. If choosing between food franchises located in the same area, customers will prefer a brand with attractive mobile advertisements.

Customers want to feel important. Advertise the right message, and they will appreciate you are reaching out to them.

So, what are the top 5 differences between mobile billboards and traditional marketing?

Let’s explore:

Mobile Billboards Conventional Outdoor Marketing
It’s time specific. You can advertise at a specific day at a certain time. It’s a great bonus for show organizers, politicians, time-limited offers and new brands. Conventional methods seem evergreen. A stationary billboard will be read over and over again at all times.
It’s flexible. You can change the message, visuals or the brand any time you want. The cost is minimal. You’ll have to bear the entire project cost if you want to replace/edit the advertisement.
It’s super cost-effective. A thousand impressions gained by mobile billboards only cost $1.50. Static billboards cost $3.90 per thousand impressions.
Mobile billboards can reach any audience. Our drivers can drive to and thru the difficult destinations and your message is sent to the right people. It’s hard to reach your targeted audience with these outdoor marketing methods.
You get complete control and real-time analytics. With GPS tracking, online reports and a great customer support system, you know where your message is broadcasted and at which time. You cannot get accurate statistics and it’s hard to gather accurate reports from static billboards.

It is time to bring your business to life. Become a massive volcano or a glacier, but not a silent company.
Speak your message. Experience the power of a moving billboard. Contact our sales representative at 888-Roll-My-Ad or visit us at

Let’s get your ads rolling.

Happy Marketing!

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